1. 00:21 26th Jul 2014

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    which is messier my life or my hair

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    1. during the school year: eats every single edible thing i can find
    2. during summer: idk i think i ate an almond today
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    I don’t need alcohol to make bad decisions

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    will sell my body for krispy kream donuts

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    i miss when i was like 12 and it would be the night before a big field trip or something and i couldnt go to sleep because i was so excited. i miss being so into a book that i would stay up past my bed time reading it. everything seems so bland or something idk. i’m only 19 and everything is so tiring. i miss wanting to be awake

  6. 23:54 25th Jul 2014

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    waking up everyday seems a little excessive

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    tbh i literally say “literally and tbh” literally all the time tbh

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    I’ve found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am.
    — Epiphany. (via 1missedcallfrommom)